Walk to keep joint pain at bay

Blackburn Osteopath - walking

When we are in pain, it is natural to want to avoid movement to reduce the chances of aggravating the pain in any way. This appears to be the case with those suffering arthritic conditions, with 50 percent succumbing to avoiding exercise due to pain. However, when it comes to joint pain/arthritis, a bit of…

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What type of mattress should you buy?

My patients often ask me as to what type of mattress they should buy when they update their current ones. This is especially the case when they are sufferers of back pain. Should it be soft? Should it be hard? Should I buy one of those foam, contoured mattresses that shape to your body etc…

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Why you should drink water after your osteo treatment

One time or another, your osteopath has probably advised you to drink plenty of water following a treatment. I can tell that most of my patients tell me what I want to hear, that they will drink plenty of water, but they probably don’t. So why is it necessary to drink water after a treatment?…

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