5 Ways to improve your sleep

We all know that getting a good night sleep is important, experts have been telling us this for years! A solid sleep allows us to be more productive during the day, less irritable and generally makes a big difference in our quality of life. So how can we improve our quality of sleep? 1. Follow…

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The importance of getting enough sleep

Sleep is important for your everyday health and wellbeing. Sleep deficiency can be detrimental to your mental and physical health, and can even get in the way of your safety. Long term sleep problems can cause chronic health issues. Brain function and overall wellbeing While we are sleeping, the brain is reconciling and consolidating all…

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Tips for sleeping easier with low back pain

Sleeping with back pain - Blackburn Osteopath

For those who have suffered low back pain, you know that the pain can continue into the night and can make it difficult to fall asleep! By making small changes to your sleeping habits, you can take some of the pressure and tension off your low back, giving you an easier nights sleep. 1. Moving…

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