Dr Elise Fuller


Dr Elise Fuller is currently practicing at Boroondara Osteopathy. If you'd like to make a booking with Elise, you can do so by contacting Boroondara Osteopathy on (03) 9859 5059.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Complimentary Medicine)
Master of Osteopathy 
Certificate IV Massage Therapy
Member of Osteopathy Australia

Dr Elise Fuller graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complimentary Medicine) and a Masters of Osteopathy. She is currently practicing in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and in her spare time writes articles for her blog, inspired by her experience treating patients and from life in general!

Before her career as an osteopath began, Elise spent a couple of years as a massage therapist, treating in the corporate sector in Melbourne’s CBD. It was here that it became apparent to Elise how much stress and poor ergonomics were affecting her clients’ musculoskeletal health, and this alone has inspired a range of articles!

Elise’s passion for osteopathy began with her own back injuries, in which her rehabilitation was assisted with osteopathic treatment. Because of her personal experience with low back injuries, and in her case surgery, Elise has a strong interest in low back issues and helping her patients avoid unnecessary pain. She believes in a holistic approach to healthcare, using osteopathy to assist in the health and wellbeing of her patients.

Elise is keen to help educate and share her thoughts on evidence based musculoskeletal health and osteopathy using social media to reach a wider audience.

When she’s not practicing or writing her blog, Elise enjoys keeping active by practising resistance training and walking, relaxing at her local café sipping coffee, and planning her next travelling adventure!