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Tips for sleeping easier with low back pain

For those who have suffered low back pain, you know that the pain can continue into the night and can make it difficult to fall asleep! By making small changes to your sleeping habits, you can take some of the pressure and tension off your low back, giving you an easier nights sleep. 1. Moving…

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Foam Roller Blackburn Osteopath

Should the foam roller replace the classic stretch?

Over the past few years, the foam roller has become a popular tool to increase sporting performance and for muscle recovery after exercise. It is used as a type of self-myofascial release, or self massage. I have noticed that many people are even using the foam roller to replace the good old stretch. But is…

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The 3 most important factors in setting up your desk

In the corporate world, the big companies will organize an ergonomic evaluation for their team members, which is excellent because a healthy team member is more productive at work! But what if you’re left to set up your desk yourself? There are 3 important things to keep in mind when setting up your desk, and…

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Lifting techniques for all scenarios

At one point or another, I’m sure you have been told to “lift with your knees!” or “protect your back!” But sometimes it’s not as easy as just bending at the knees, especially around the house. If 1 out of 3 workplace injuries are as a result of poor manual handling techniques, you can only…

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Quick Tips on lifting

There are a few simple and easy rules to remember when lifting heavy objects, or just lifting anything full stop! Poor manual handling is said to have caused 1 in 3 Australians an injury in the workforce. In a previous post, I discussed what actually happens to your lower back when you lift a load…

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4 tips for setting up your desk chair

80% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. This figure is probably much higher when you take into account our modern day work lives. I don’t know many office and corporate workers who stick to the nine to five workday like we used to. We take fewer breaks, work…

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The effects of poor ergonomics on the spine

I’m sure most people at some point in their lives have heard their health care practitioner ram home the importance of proper ergonomics, whether it be lifting at work, or just simple posture advice to protect your lower back. But what exactly happens to your lower back when you don’t lift correctly, or slouch in…

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