My top 5 favourite self management products

In any clinic you go to, whether that be an osteo, chiro or physio, you have probably noticed a bunch of products on display. Have you ever wondered if the practitioner advising you to use these products, actually uses it themselves? In my case, the answer is YES, DEFINITELY!!!! Here are my top 5 favourite products that I’m using right now:

  1. Foam roller: I have a high density foam roller that is 90cms long. You can get any foam roller sized between 45cms and 90 cms, but I prefer the longer roller just for its versatility. Because my job requires me to be on my feet, most days I will roll out my legs and sometimes my mid back. I also find this helpful to improve my form when exercising. I have discussed the benefits of foam rollers in a previous post.
  2. Spikey ball: I have also talked about the need to use a spikey ball in a previous post. I use both a spikey ball and a foam roller. Some people like to use one or the other but I find the spikey ball much easier to release small muscles and to get into areas like under the arm pit that I struggle to maneuver my foam roller across. It is also small and light enough to take anywhere! My spikey ball has travelled the world with me from Rome to Mumbai!
  3. Fisiocream: there are lots of great creams and gels on the market boasting relief from muscular aches but my personal favourite is Fisiocream. Containing natural herbal ingredients, it may relieve general muscular aches, albeit temporarily. The best part though? It doesn’t bother my super sensitive skin as much as other products do, and for that, I am grateful!
  4. Memory foam pillow: now a pillow is a super personal choice. I get asked all the time what pillow someone should have and it can be a difficult decision with so many options and prices on the market. My personal choice is a memory foam pillow because I find it firm enough that my neck is supported, but because my head sinks in just that little bit due the memory foam, I am also comfortable.
  5. Hotteeze patches: As a sufferer of low back pain, heat is my best friend when I just can’t ease my aches. But sometimes you can’t carry around a wheat bag and that’s where these patches come in handy. All you have to do is stick one over your clothes (this is important for safety) and it will heat up, allowing you to get on with life. I use them when I’m treating and can’t hold on to my wheat bag.

This is not a sponsored post, I just really love using and recommending these products.

This article is for information purposes only. Please consult your Osteopath or primary healthcare professional for further information.

Written by Elise Fuller

Elise Fuller

Dr Elise Fuller graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complimentary Medicine) and a Masters of Osteopathy. She is currently practicing in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and in her spare time writes articles for her blog, inspired by her experience treating patients and from life in general!